Can You Start a Trucking Business in Rural Areas?

For those who live in a rural area, or for companies that would like to take over an entire area, starting a trucking business in a rural area is possible, although it is not very common. Even though you are outside a large city, if you are close enough to a major port or major shipping destination, it is going to be possible for you to gain certain employment, and gain new clients, for the shipments, the deliveries, and for the pick ups that they need, from larger companies.

You have to market properly

Due to the fact that you are not in a major metro area, you have to know how to market. You have to present lower prices, or offer your customers some benefit for choosing you, as opposed to a major company. Make guarantees in terms of timeliness, and the type of delivery work you perform. The more you can perform, and the more you can show you are the right choice, even if you are outside a major metro area, the more likely it is that you are going to land the clients you are hoping to land, in a rural area.

Know how to operate

In a rural town, operation costs are lower; but, things like fuel will cost more, marketing, and possibly finding drivers will be tougher, due to the fact that you are in a smaller, or more remote area. You have to think these things through in advance, offer your employees certain benefits to drive longer hours, and showcase why they should work with you, rather than one of the larger companies that do work in any major metro area.

Focus on the limited competition

Often, there will be few, if any other trucking companies in the remote location that you are trying to begin your business in. This is your main advantage if you do things properly, and if you set up your business right, by opening up in the rural area. Not only will you be the first, you will establish your presence. And, the fact that smaller, local businesses do not have any other choice, as opposed to doing service with your company, it is going to give you the opportunity to position yourself in a place where you will be able to earn, and would be able to make reasonable profits on an annual basis for the business you run.

Although it is not as easy, in terms of finding workers or doing marketing, or even drawing in new clients, it is possible to do business in a rural area, and to succeed as a business owner. It is going to take work, and you do have to focus on giving your clients more than the larger competitors can give them. You will then find you have more options, you will be able to keep your policies, and you will be able to keep a steady client list, once you are developed in the local area, and people know about your work.

Not a business owner but a truck driver? Here is an article containing tips on how to develop your career as a truck driver.

Becoming a Small Town Medical Biller Online

In this Age of Technology, where our cell phones speak to us and use our fingerprints to differentiate us from everyone else, it’s difficult to keep up with the changing times. Things are constantly evolving in our world, and although it may require quite a bit of learning and adjustment on our parts, these changes are positive, and make our lives much better. Telecommuting, or working from home, is one of these advances. Telecommuting has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to rural areas who before were limited in both jobs and education.

While it’s never an easy task to make a name for yourself even in a small town, new, better employment opportunities are popping up on the internet every day. Working from home is an industry that has expanded considerably over the past several years, allowing rural stay-at-home moms to earn a living while caring for their children. There are more digital jobs now than ever before, and this growth is a trend that won’t be ending anytime soon.

Work from home opportunities typically allow employees the luxury of working on their own schedule – whenever, wherever they please. Telecommuting jobs save workers tons of money that would otherwise be spent on gas and vehicle maintenance, especially if you live miles away from the nearest big city. And best of all, when you work from home, you can work in your pajamas if you like. There really is no down side to these types of jobs.

One of the most in-demand work from home jobs is in Medical Billing and Coding. As one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, health care providers are in desperate need of trained individuals to perform the task of billing insurance companies using the correct and proper medical coding, and it can even be done from the comfort of your own home. As time progresses and businesses become more digitally oriented, the market for their services will increase exponentially, creating a wealth of opportunities for prospective Medical Billers and Medical Coders alike.

It wasn’t very many years ago that health care providers were forced to send their insurance claims via the postal service, or as many like to call it, “snail mail”. This slowed down the turnaround time for getting paid, and made the process more tedious overall. Forms and paperwork were stored in bulky filing cabinets, most of them never seeing the light of day again once they were buried amongst the crowded files. Luckily today the process is much faster, more convenient, and easier for everyone involved. With the use of internet tools, companies have expedited this task, and organization is at an all-time high.

If this sounds like a career path that you may be interested in taking, know that there are even courses available online that train you and prepare you for certification to work in Medical Billing and Coding. If you do decide to go this route and get certified, you are then able to search for health care providers online, and discuss possibly working for them in the future. You will have the power to create your own opportunities, and snag clients who really need your services without ever leaving your home. Long gone are the days when you had to drive around town looking for new clients and marketing your services. In this Digital Age, anything is possible with the click of a mouse.

Most Effective Small-time Business Ideas for People Living in Rural Areas

Rural areas may fall short in providing career opportunities to individuals when compared to bigger cities, but they are most definitely nothing short of being good places to start small-time businesses. If the ideas are implemented properly, small town businesses can be as good as any other big city companies.

The following are the top most effective small-time business ideas for people who are living in rural areas and looking to establish a source of income within their locality:

Construction Company

If you’ve had a background in the field of woodwork and carpentry, and are interested in pursuing further into the sector, you can always consider making a venture out of it. Homeowners and farmers living in rural areas don’t always have the skills or resources to establish structures which are essential for their routine activities (for example: chicken coops and barns). As such, starting your own small construction business would definitely be a good option for making a steady income in a rural area.

Gardening/Farming Business

A business for coffee bean farming can be a prosperous source of income. Some of the basic sources you might require would be a shady area for farming purposes, coffee seeds, polythene bags, and of course, a license for doing business. If the business prospers, you can always add in tea gardening to the mix to improve your versatility as well as revenue. Plus, tea shrubs aren’t so difficult to grow as they can even be grown in planters or balconies. Just make sure your soil is sandy and fully drained!

Food Items/Bakery

Food is a basic human necessity. If you provide the people with fresh, tasty, hygienic food, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t drop by every now and then for another bite. A bakery can be the most beneficial business in this regard. Every town has its own bakery after all! If your locality lacks one, or is limited to a very few, you can always run your own fresh-baked food service. As stated, people will never stop feeling hungry, so the market will always remain strong. Happy baking!

Online Service

The idea for running an online service may seem capital intensive and sound a tad bit risky to most. However, it is completely doable, plus the rewards it offers are quite generous. John O’Donnell from “Free Bets UK” , says it’s the best decision he’s made. People living in rural areas are always short on their technology due to a shortage of reliable resources for IT products. If you think running a broadband service or providing IT products and equipment is a good idea and you can pull it off, starting small by contacting major carriers/companies and reselling their products would be a suitable beginning.

The possibilities are endless. All you need is a well-thought out plan and a handful of resources while a bit of money for the start-up is always necessary. With all of these combined, it goes without saying that your business will experience

Working in Rural Areas as an RN

Being a nurse by profession is noble, because you serve and provide care for people who are not even related to you. This is why aside from the necessary training and education, nurses should also  possess a caring nature to find fulfillment in their chosen career.

Registered nurses assigned in rural areas face different types of challenges. Though not applicable to all rural nurses, majority of them have to deal with isolation and limited support.


  • Autonomy. Working in the rural area allows nurses to have greater independence. Nurses are commonly understaffed, requiring them to have more responsibilities. This turns into an advantage because they develop a sense of freedom to be more accountable with their job, broadening their skills and being more confident. Rural nurses are even considered community health leaders that they can promote change.
  • Meaningful friendship. By being a rural nurse, you work with the entire community. Your patient could be your neighbor and they can get to know you and vice versa. If you know them, you can provide the right care that is sufficient to their needs and these people know how to return the favor by treating you as family.
  • Lower cost of living. In rural areas, prices of commodities are typically cheaper, and a simpler life is possible. This benefits nurses by lowering down their living expenses and being exposed to a simple lifestyle.


  • Isolation. Isolation may only mean being away from your loved ones, but with the advent of technology, you can already communicate easily with them. This could also mean finding difficulty accessing medical supplies, especially if you are assigned to an isolated place.
  • Lack of support. Rural nurses face the challenge of understaffing and lack of supplies, though this is not applicable to all rural communities. But oftentimes, nurses are regarded as community health workers counted on by the people. This means much is expected from them.
  • Lower salary and fewer benefits. In most cases, nurses in the rural areas are burdened by lower cost of salary compared to those working in the urban areas. If they are not compensated well, chances are, they could not see themselves working in this setup for a longer time.

Working as a registered nurse in rural areas has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and so does working in the urban areas. It is unfair to say that it is more rewarding to work in urban places than in rural areas because fulfillment is relative.

There are nurses who find a different sense of fulfillment in working in smaller communities perhaps because they are used to a simple life and they are passionate about providing health care to people who have less access to it. It all lies to how they view their job, their motivation for work, their personality and their professional goals.


Planning to Put Up a Business in Your Rural Area? Use These Tips!

Planning to Put Up a Business in Your Rural Area Use These TipsSetting up a business in a rural area has its challenges. Because of the limited market, you will have to be very careful in choosing the kind of business you want to start. The following tips should help you in deciding on various aspects of planning and operating your rural business.


  1. Clearly identify demand. You need to properly find out what is really needed in your rural area. You can’t just start a business of selling wines simply because you love wines when there aren’t that many wines drinkers in your area. Unless you intend to become a wine producer or major distributor that will also offer products to other areas through the Internet, it doesn’t make sense reselling wines in a rural area.


  1. Assess the competition. It’s not enough to determine the demand. You also have to learn about the supply. You need to know the competition for the specific business you want to venture in. This is important for you to know the kind of adjustments you need to become distinct from other businesses that offer the same products or services. You can strive to be the best carpet steam cleaner or the best rug steam cleaner in your area but that’s not enough to entice customers, especially those who have already established solid business ties with your competitors. You have to offer something different or something compelling.


  1. Start small. Even when you think there is no competition, to be safe, always start small. In particular, don’t invest yet in equipment and other expensive acquisitions like buildings. You can never be too sure about the success of your business. Also, avoid prematurely scaling up when there’s no immediate need for it.
  2. Choose a good location for your store or consider peddling your products on wheels first. Location is a vital factor in business success. You have to pick the right location for your business especially if you will be engaged in trade or retail. It would be a good idea (if you plan on a buy and sell business) if you start selling on wheels. This way, you can clearly determine demand and


  1. Make use of the Internet. Establish an online presence. Even in rural areas, the Internet already has a major presence. It would be foolish to not make full use of the advantages the Internet provides. The Internet is particularly useful in marketing efforts. It will not be unusual for people to use the keywords “best home carpet cleaner in XXX” or “best house carpet cleaner in XXX.” Your business has to have a website, blog, or at least social media pages to become searchable online.


  1. Join in relevant trade associations. It is also being involved in trade associations. This will particularly be useful when you already expand your business and when you need to advocate for certain policy changes in your area to benefit your business.


Remember these tips and achieve better outcomes with your rural business.

How Your Appearance Helps Your Career

Living in a rural area gives you that laidback feel where you do not always have to get dressed to the nines to go to places. Jeans, a shirt and comfortable shoes are the staples of rural dressing. But what if you want to go out of your comfort zone and look for a job in the city, where people are always dressed to impress, especially in the workplace?

The clothes you wear on your back have a big impact on your overall appearance. Although superficial, physical appearance is a very important factor in the corporate world. If you fancy working at a big company in the city but being from a rural countryside the way you dress does not jive with city dressing, it can give you a bit of a bump.


If you are eager to work in the city and start your career in the corporate world, you may need a sort of makeover to your appearance and dressing to make your look more appropriate for your dream job. Power dressing is all the rage now in big cities. A stylish haircut like this can be the key to a whole new you.You can also achieve this with little tweaks to your dressing. You can browse the Internet and see what kinds of corporate clothing everyone wears today. This will give you an idea on how you should also dress. Invest in solid pieces that you can mix and match with other pieces of clothing that you already own such as button down shirts, black pants, etc. Wearing the appropriate attire in the workplace will gain you the respect that you deserve from your clients and coworkers. Power dressing also gives an air of authority so you can be more convincing to your clients.

career-appearanceDress accordingly

If you work in a corporate building, dressing in a suit or the likes is the way to go. Working in construction requires you to be dressed in clothing that will allow you to work comfortably and will not hinder your movements. Wherever you work or whatever your job is, make sure that the way you dress is suitable to the work environment.

Attitude is still everything

Although the way look physically has a big impact on your chosen career, still attitude towards your job and towards other people that you encounter everyday is the best determining factor if you are going to succeed in your chosen field or not. It is important to have a commanding presence, but being overly confident that you appear arrogant is not. A good mix of self-confidence and knowledge of your job will take you places.

Living in the rural area is not a hindrance to find work and curve your career into the path that you want to. You just have to be realistic of your goals and work towards them to ensure your success. Although your appearance is important, it is not everything. Your attitude and dedication towards your job are the ones that will ensure your success in your chosen field.

Finding Good Legal Advice Outside of the City

legal-adviceWhen you are in need of a lawyer and you live in the city, finding one is very easy. There are a lot of law firms in big cities. You can just drop by to talk about your case or call them for legal advice. The same thing can’t be said for those who live far from the city. Getting legal advice might be a huge challenge. There could be lawyers available, but there are not so many options. Most lawyers prefer practicing in the city where they could get more clients. Huge corporations and rich people, who are usually involved in legal issues, live in big cities. Lawyers take advantage of it by setting up a law firm there.

If you really need a lawyer, the first thing that you need to do is to look up online. You might be surprised to find out that there are practicing lawyers just around town. Some of them are privately practicing and they don’t necessarily work for a law firm. There are also those who travel back and forth. At times, they are in their hometown, and it might be the same place as yours.

Setting up an appointment

When you have found a potential lawyer, the first thing to do is to set up an appointment where you can discuss essential details. This might be done through phone calls or you can meet each other. You need to prepare questions during this meeting. This will let you know if you are getting the right person for the job or not. You should also observe the lawyer and find out if he can really do the job right. To top it all, you need to know how much you need to pay for legal fees. Lawyers who are used to work for big clients end up charging a lot. This must be among your major considerations before closing the deal.

Don’t settle for whoever is available

When you have finally found someone who is available to take your case, you might just seal the deal right away. You think that given your current location, getting the right lawyer for the job might be difficult. The truth is that you can actually find a lot of other options out there. If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, this website can help with specifics. You just need to make sure that you keep looking. It might be disappointing if you land with a crappy lawyer just because you feel like no one else will take your case. If you are involved in a serious legal issue, then you need the right person to take the case.

Make adjustments

If your lawyer does not reside permanently in your town, you might have to visit him in the city every now and then. These are some of the sacrifices you have to go through if you wish to see the results you wanted. You must also look for other means to continue communicating with each other. As long as you have already met and you have laid down all the important details, then the rest can be done via virtual communication.

MIG Welding: Great Starter Business for Rural Folk

What is MIG?

More formally referred to as GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding, MIG is an acronym for metal inert gas welding – a reference itself to the shielding gas which is emitted from the welding gun alongside a hot electric arc as well as a metal filler wire. The wire, which is fed by means of a spool, is deposited inside the weld joint. The shielding gas serves the purpose of blocking out the oxygen present in the air while the metal solidifies, since molten metal is susceptible to oxidation. The relationship between MIG and welding is comparable to the relationship between a point and shoot camera, and photography. This is the reason why MIG is so popular among both do-it-yourself amateurs and field working professionals alike. Note that there are cases where GMAW may employ non-inert gases, in which case MIG becomes MAG, for metal active gas welding.

Types based on automation

MIG can be either automatic or semiautomatic. In semiautomatic welding, an operator has hold of the MIG gun and controls the weld pool directly. Automatic MIG welding is where things get more interesting – the operator sets up and overseas a robotic machine that does the actual welding, occasionally correcting / adjusting its operation as the need arises. Because of the nuances involved in this ‘babysitting’, the overseer is usually a skilled, experienced MIG welder in their own right.

MIG in a rural area

MIG’s popularity owes a great deal to its ease of setup and implementation both cost wise and skill wise. You can easily install an MIG machine in your own garage and start welding stuff together. Once you learn MIG welding through online resources, colleges etc., you can do anything from putting together your own yard art to restoring a vintage car.

Of course, this kind of ease becomes quite useful in a rural setting where there may not be ready access to dozens of welding pros. If you live in such an area and have around five hundred dollars to spare, you will be able to purchase one of the best MIG machines, preferably one that is small enough to fit into a 110-V domestic outlet, and start earning good money through it (just make sure that you have a fuse rated at 50 A in place as a contingency).

In a rural town, you’ll always have someone who wants some metallic article fixed up. You may even find your friends and neighbors dropping by on occasion with raw materials, asking you to weld something up for them. As a professional who has invested time and effort in learning and setting up their MIG craft, be sure that you get adequate recompense for your hard work – remember that a typical MIG weld-up job will take up around 20 hours of your time.


Keep in mind that MIG welding is a craft that no one is perfect at. Initially it is a constant cycle of trial and error which soon gives way to seasoned craftsmanship, given you put enough time into it. However, even a professional may make a mistake and end up learning something new through it.

Doing it in the ‘burbs.

The job market isn't easy. The economy is bad. People don't want to hire full time. If you're reading this blog, your reaction to all of that is probably more like 'tell me about it' then it is shock and horror. And of course we all know that the further out of the cities- the so-called 'hubs of business'- you go, the more and more likely it is to be even harder. By the time you hit the outback proper, you're considering yourself lucky if you can do anything at all.

Of course, the nice thing about being human is that humans always need things. No matter how far you are from the big city, people still need to be fed, watered, fill up their tank and keep the lights on. And the modern rural town is a far cry from those of even our grandparent's generation, given that most of s have a reasonable change of decent internet access no matter how far in the bundocks we happen to be living.

So, how can that be used to help you make something of yourself.

There's a host of tips and tricks out there for starting businesses in rural and isolate areas. Sadly, living in a far-flung community means that the room for innovation and different services is slightly reduced from that of our big city counterparts. Which is not to say never try anything new just because you're rural, but do accept that your local grocer or garden service is a safer prospect then your ball gown laundry business. However, with that said, the right mindset can make anything work- it depends on you. But do your due diligence and check out the competition and the market both before you settle on anything.

It helps to find a niche, too. If you already have 3 garden services in town, you'd have to be offering something mighty different in order to attract enough attention and custom to make it work. So look around. Don't neglect your online reach, too. Remember that there's always people out there looking for the best vacuum for pet hair [want to see some great reviews? try clicking the link] or the best stream mop [again, for reviews, tips, tricks and more, click on through]. I can guarantee they don't care where it ships from or who's doing the shipping so long as the product matches their expectations. You may not only be confined to the population of your small town when it comes to finding your market.

In fact, looking at the ever-broadening internet marketplace as a feeding ground for creating new jobs in small and limited communities may well be one of the most sensible innovations out there in the modern world. Remember, coming from somewhere small doesn't mean you have to think small. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities both locally and digitally to fulfil the needs, wants and whims that drive us from day to day, and you'll soon find yourself on the path to success.

How To Get A Head Start In The Paralegal Profession

Quite often we get asked by our readers how to get started in a certain profession. And given that we like to help our readers as much as we can, we try to provide as much useful information as we can.

Last month we had a large number of readers asking us “How to I become a paralegal?” For those of you that aren’t familiar with the paralegal profession, it’s a branch of law where professionals employed as paralegals help solicitors and barristers with their duties. Take a look at Paralegal Careers Guide for a great overview of how to become a paralegal.

There are a number of qualifications that you will need to obtain in order to become a paralegal, many of which can be completed online. This is particularly useful for those people living in rural areas – it makes it a whole lot easier when you can complete your paralegal studies online – see this link for more details on the types of paralegal courses available.

Most of these training courses can be completed at a university – here’s an example of a course that has proven to be quite popular with those wanting top become a paralegal.

Although the studies for courses like this are not as demanding as a full university degree, there is still a considerable amount of work that must be completed. However, the workload is manageable if you adapt good time management skills.

I decided to do some background checking to find out why they profession has grown in popularity so much over the recent years, and as it turns out the paralegal profession is one of the highest paid industries. It’s easy for a newcomer to the industry to earn over $50,000 per year.

In terms of career prospects and growth – if you are a good paralegal that specializes in an area of law, then it is not uncommon to earn over $75,000 per year.

This is a great profession for people who live in rural parts of the country, because in many cases paralegals work from home as contractors for law firms. This means that there is no need for you to live in a capital or city or to travel to your place of work.

Work from home paralegals have the flexibility to take on as much work as they can handle. And there’s one thing that’s for certain – there is absolutely no shortage of paralegal work at the moment.

In fact big law firms are really struggling to find qualified paralegals to do work for them, and they are very much willing to pay good wages to those who do poses basic paralegal qualifications.

So, if you are interested in becoming a paralegal, it is definitely a worthwhile career to investigate. I’d recommend taking a training course that provides a paralegal certificate, and then getting in contact with law firms for either full time work or contract work.

Who knows, you may even find that the profession is lucrative enough for you to set up your own paralegal firm.

Tips for staying safe when pursuing a career in the mining industry

With the explosion of the mining industry around the country, it’s not uncommon for people in rural areas to go for mining jobs, where the typical roster is 2 weeks on, 1 week off, consecutively. Add to this that many of the mines offer extremely high paying jobs, and are often situated not too far from rural cities, and you get a very attractive lure for people living in the country to go and work in the mines.

If you have recently landed yourself a mining job, or are looking to head this way, you must be aware that you’ll be working in extreme environments, often in hot, desolate, and unpopulated areas. These environments are harsh, but are very controlled and safe, meaning the risk of injury is very low. A very common issue however, is suffering from extreme fatigue, which can attributed to a number of reasons. The following 3 tips will help you manage fatigue, stress and body aches when working in the mining industry:



You will be working long days, typically 12 hours long, and will be in very hot and dry environments. You will need to keep an eye on your hydration levels more so than when you’re at home. You should aim to drink between 8-10 glasses of water per day. Employers will provide adequate hydration to workers, but it’s a good idea to implement a few helpful routines during your shift. It’s recommended to drink 2 cups of water when you wake up, and 2 before bed, to boost hydration levels which may have been depleted during rest.



Long shifts are very common in this industry, so you will want to make sure you have a pair of high quality work boots to make life easy. Choose something that is suited to mining, which will be any work boot that is made for superior comfort and durability. Choosing a cheap pair will cost you in both pain (your body will feel aches and pains you never thought possible) and dollars (a cheap pair will not last long in harsh environments). Make sure you do thorough research to choose a pair of boots best suited for your position. We recommend spending some time on a review website to find the best work boots for you, such as the ones featured on this work boot review resource.


Sun Protection

The sun is extremely harsh in Australia, and it will be inescapable on a typical mining site. The old Australian cliche ‘slip, slop, slap’ is more important than ever in this industry, so make sure your staying out of the suns damaging UV rays. Most employers will supply sun cream and sun-blocking uniform, but it’s recommended that you bring along some of your own high-quality sun cream as an extra precaution- you can never be too safe. SPF 30+ or higher, that is water resistant (you will be sweating) is highly recommended.


Following the advice above will help towards having a successful career in the mining industry, and reduce the chance of injury and illnesses. Careers in the mining industry are becoming more and more common for rural populations, so ensure you are able to fight off fatigue and stress in order for a long lasting, successful mining career. Living in the country can be a little slow at times, but we guarantee that you will enjoy your rest and relaxation time between shifts at the mines.

How to find medical billing and photography jobs in rural areas

When it comes to employment opportunities, rural areas present a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, there are a couple of excellent options for these very circumstances. The best part about living in a rural area is that it allows professional creativity and initiative to flourish. Enrolling in photography courses for example, can result in a very lucrative independent career. Another field of employment such as medical coding and billing is also a viable option for gainful rural employment.

Rural photography careers.
With present day technology options for photography and self employment are endless, especially in rural communities. These areas are usually known for their arts and crafts, small town, artist vibes. Photography courses are even offered online and can be accomplished at self-pace, with flexible payment options and course layout that is supported by professional instruction. While photography courses will cost money, the modules and assignments are invaluable in gaining relevant technique and photography experience to build your reputation and business.

Photography is a good independent career that isn’t demographically dependent upon external resources and partnerships. If you can take great pictures, you will be able to make money. Wedding photography is often popular for rural areas because of its attraction and ability to support destination weddings. Outside couples that visit the area for this very reason will be high-paying, grateful customers. If you possess decent communication skills and can understand expectations, this is a really great opportunity to make some good money.

Photographing real estate is another option specifically valuable to rural areas. Since smaller communities tend to be dynamic , depending on manufacturing companies and other organizations that employ small-town workers and the success of these companies relevant to their longevity, rural towns may see their fair share of residents come and go depending on the economy. Being able to photograph real estate will be an invaluable gig and help real estate professionals market their services.

Rural areas are a beautiful stage for creating Fine Art photography too. Depending on the climate and area of your rural location, its unique landscape can create beautifully, high-quality photographs and art. This art can then be sold either online, or through direct sales via small coffee shops or even hotels that allow you to hang your photography for sale. Photography is wonderful because it will endure the test of time. No matter what the economy does, photographers will persevere. Case in point, healthcare and medical billing is another dazzling, brilliant option for successful rural employment.

Medical coding and billing opportunities in rural areas.
Medical coding and billing work hand in hand to decipher patient-physician encounters and appropriately bill the insurance company for the correct diagnosis and procedures. That said, coding and billing are two separate careers. Once the medical appointment information is coded, the data is escalated to a billing professional that enters the codes into special billing software and submits the claim to the payer to be paid.

Like photography courses, medical coding and billing skills can also be acquired online. Technology and healthcare has never been more seamless. Qualified professionals that can fulfill this important career field are only expected to be placed in higher demand going forward. Moreover, medical coding and billing education can be completed online in as little as seven months. Working from home in this field also eliminates expensive commuting costs, specific to rural communities, and provides for more time with family, which is one of the number one reasons people move to rural areas in the first place.

An associate degree or certificate in medical coding or medical billing will help build the skills necessary to do this job successfully. Coding conventions are a specific set of classifications that can also be learned from an entry level position at the community general hospital. Fortunately, rural communities require a hospital somewhere nearby, so employment can be sought out in this manner when necessary.

Employment strategies
Healthcare employers often grant employees flexible schedules that accommodate working from home. This relationship is equally beneficial to the organization since they can hire you as a contractor and will not have to provide expensive medical and fringe benefits in addition to generous hourly wage or salary in some instances. Salary range will often depend on type of employment, contractor status and amount of work performed. All in all, income earned by professional medical coders and billers is consistently above average by region.

Self employment in rural areas can be tricky and even expensive when it comes to obtaining necessary equipment for your chosen profession. Fortunately, with medical coding and billing as well as photography, these careers require relatively standard equipment and technology that should not result in added expense or budget stress. Virtual work has many benefits because you have access to a large client base and can still enjoy living in an exclusive location. Working from home or independently requires skills like critical thinking, information handling ability, self motivation, ability to use technology and being a good planner. Flexibility and professionalism will come across in your work as long as you treat it as a business.

How I discovered a new business idea

My spouse’s job recently took us from a mid-sized city to a very rural area. It was a great opportunity for him to take a step forward in his career path, but when we first arrived, it felt like a step back in mine. I had been working in human resources in the city we had come from, and I had quit my job to help him follow his dream.

We moved to a very rural area. I had never had an issue getting a job before, and I thought that with my experience and resume it wouldn’t be too hard to find something. There are several nearby towns, but months went by after our move, and the job openings were few and far between. I felt overqualified for many of the available positions, but there were so few options that I started to feel desperate to find something.

I had also left many of my friends behind, and moving to a rural community where you don’t know anyone can be a challenge. I started volunteering at an animal shelter in a nearby community. I have loved animals my whole life, and our family has always had a dog.  When I started my volunteer position, I was just excited to be getting out of the house. While working at the shelter I came into contact with lots of pet lovers. My coworkers were all passionate about the animals in the shelter and their own pets. I’ve had dogs ever since I was a child, and I enjoyed being in a community of similarly minded people.

I started thinking that maybe I could create my own job in this rural economy. The first thing I did was brainstorm about what kind of needs I saw in the community. I loved my volunteer job at the shelter, and had met so many people who were passionate about animals. Most of them were also pet owners, and I thought that I could make something related to animals and pets to sell.

The dog bed we were using at the time was an inexpensive model, and it had the problem that we have so often encountered when buying dog beds. The foam compressed almost immediately. Also, I didn’t like the way that the dog bed looked, and I couldn’t find anything that I loved online.  I looked at several dog bed review sites and was not inspired at all.   I thought of all the people out there who spend so much money on their dogs, and I realized that making dog beds that looked cute and wouldn’t immediately compress would be a great way to start making money.

The first thing I did was look into how to construct a dog bed. Our golden retriever was starting to get older, and I thought that beds designed to support the joint and bones of older dogs would be a great way to start selling. Then I choose a bunch of fabrics so that my customers would be able to choose something that would match their décor.

I mentioned my new business to some of the women I volunteer with, and one of them became my first customer. She was thrilled with her dog bed, and recommended me to a few of her friends. I started traveling to craft fairs around the county, and did so well that I started traveling to some further away. Then I started selling online. I made an Etsy and Amazon store, and I even created my own website.

I love that my new business gives me the flexibility to work from home on my own schedule and brings in money to help support my family.

Handyman Careers in Rural Areas in Australia

Just because you live in a rural area in Australia shouldn’t mean that you can’t have big dreams of having your own business. There are so many ideas out there from online sales, to becoming a virtual assistant, to becoming a local handyman. Knowing your skills and what you enjoy doing will give you the first step in being successful. For our example, we’ll look at the tools needed to become a rural handyman business successfully. This is one of the easiest businesses to start, just know your skill level and don’t take on more than you can comfortably commit to.

The types of work that can be done by a handyman are nearly limitless, from house painting, to kitchen updating, gutter repair, deck refinishing, the list goes on and one.  Now, let me be clear this is not a job that is limited to just men; women are extremely handy and talented at DIY projects as well. Additionally it’s not a business which requires a large amount of overhead to get started. Make sure that you have the right tools for the job before committing.

Some of the basic tools you will be needing are:

  • Business cards
  • Yard Signs
  • Tape Measures
  • Hammer
  • Clipboard
  • Screwdrivers of various sizes
  • Pliers
  • Cordless drill
  • Vice Grips
  • Tarps
  • Buckets
  • Putty knives and scrappers

Obviously this is just a starting point, and you will increase your arsenal as you go. For example, if you were looking to do a large painting project it would be best to invest in a good sprayer to make the job quick and seamless look for the best paint sprayer reviews online. Tools such as these will give you more versatility and the demand for your service will increase.

When you’re first starting out you may find that helping your friends or neighbors with a couple quick jobs will go a long way to your growing success. Helping your neighbor with a kitchen remodel will give you a reference to share with your next remodel client.  Ask your clients to hand out your business cards to anyone they know who may be looking for your services, word spreads quickly with every happy customer. If you do happen to have an unhappy customer make sure that you make every attempt to make amends and repair or redo any task that they fell is not to their liking.

The more jobs you take on you’ll find that you will need to increase your knowledge on the details of the job at hand. If you find yourself with a customer that is looking to replace her kitchen faucets you may find it helpful to read the best kitchen faucet reviews available at a site like before suggesting the best faucet to go in their kitchen. Make sure that you are checking with the customer first on their desires in a faucet and looking at the sink that you will be placing the faucet in. This will help you find the right model for their desires, the kitchen itself, and one that will work in their existing sink. There is nothing worse than showing up for a job and finding out that you have purchased the wrong item for the job.

As you can see. the job of handyman is an easy job for those living in rural areas in Australia. Competition is lower, your customers will know you, trust you, and be comfortable referring you to others. In no time at all you’ll have more work than you know what to do with, and that success cannot be bought!